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How To Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number Without OTP

How to Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number Without OTP

Hi, all visitors are you want to update your linked aadhar card mobile number! here is the complete procedure for changing linked aadhar card mobile number without otp.  aadhar data update

Maybe you have not linked your Aadhar card with mobile number in this blog post you will be able to know how to link aadhar card with mobile number online? How to change mobile number in any aadhar card.

We are here to discuss how to do aadhar card mobile number update or update Mobile number in aadhar card. 

Before we will jump to the topic let’s know why to have to link aadhar card with your mobile number. The BJP government has first time introduced the aadhar card which initially comes with government’s campaign.

The aadhar stands for “Aam Aadmi ka AAdhikaar” which empowers the whole Indian citizens. The aadhar is an identification card based on the biometric system. The government has analyzed precisely and crack-proof unique identification mechanism.


The Aadhar now becomes most basic and powerful identification system in India.

how to register mobile number in aadhar card online without otp

The aadhar card has introduced its core security features like link aadhar card with pan card, link aadhar card with the bank account and link aadhar card with the mobile number. 

That means the aadhar card constructing its basic and powerful security and database system. A few months ago the aadhar card was challenged by opposition parties that it is the easiest way to leak the basic personal data of any person.

But finally, the cyber cell of India declared “it was safe”. The aadhar card database is protected by most powerful server and security systems.

how to add mobile number in aadhar card online:

The most common Question is how to add mobile number in aadhar card online . There is no any process of mobile number registration without using OTP. Peoples were made fool all over the internet and on youtube so be aware.

But, The number is added at the time of aadhar card registration at the time of application. The aadhar card application is done as manually and offline on which your Eye and Fingerprints are also collected for aadhar card registration.

#Aadhar Card Mobile number Registration Process:

  • To Register mobile number just visit nearest aadhaar card registration center/office/camp.
  • Take one of your id-proof etc.
  • Take a form from there and Fill out the form.
  • Attach a copy of your Aadhar card.
  • it may take up to 2 to 5 days to get your first OTP.

#How to update or change aadhaar Mobile No online (Required OTP)

  • Open the SSU Portal in via Here: Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal.
  • Put your 12 digit AADHAAR number and click on send OTP
  • You will receive an OTP in your existing mobile number.
  • Update the new mobile number.
  • Click on submit to finalize the mobile number.
  • You can also update Name, Gender Date of Birth etc. with the same procedure.

#How to change aadhar card Mobile number without OTP 🙄

Hey, guys, it is not possible to “link aadhar card with mobile number without otp”  because no such online application available that ask you for validation of your proofs, addresses etc.

  • To change mobile number just visit nearest aadhaar card center or visit nearest post office
  • Take a form from there and Fill out the form.
  • Attach xerox copy of your aadhaar card if necessary.

Now you have successfully updated your aadhar card mobile number manually. Hence, it will be verified manually and checked strictly it may take up to 1 or 2 weeks.

Soon after submitting update request you will be receive a SMS from UDAI for your successful updated details notifications.

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By above information, we have successfully solved the Myths How to  Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number Without OTP. If you are facing any problems related to aadhar card please suggest us by commenting below.


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